In 2017 Global Data USA introduced QuoTool Web Wizards allowing to upgrade our customer's mortgage, credit repair, or real estate website into an ultimate conversion machine. With QuoTool your website will convert hits to leads and inbound calls at an astonishing rate.

With every QuoTool Plan, you can get 100% advertising-supported store credit to spend on leads you need at
1. Get The Code, Add It To Your Page

Every QuoTool Web Wizard is just one line of code to be added to your page. Get your unique code to start generating leads. Paste the code to your web page or a blog post and click save. It can't be easier than that.

2. Start Generating Leads and Calls

Visitors leave their contact info, call your phone and leads get to your email address and CRM system. Put Wizards on as many pages within your website or blog, or place on multiple websites, there is no restrictions.

3. QuoTool Works With Ads

When prospect puts loan information in our forms, we see if data entered matches your criteria. If yes, an ad with a link to your matching offer is displayed. Prospect clicks the link and proceeds to your page. Add the code to your page to increase conversions!
With QuoTool, Our Best Lead-Getting Secrets Are Yours!
Mortgage Leads
With Credit Repair Opt-in
Best choice for landing pages for first time home buyers, FHA, mortgage shoppers.
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Refinance Leads
With Property Valuation
For prospects looking to refinance, lower payment or to prevent foreclosure.
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Real Estate Leads
Home Seller Valuation
Automated estimate of the home value. With a bird's eye view for increased conversion.
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Start Generating Leads

QuoTool is a way for you to generate your
own leads and inbound calls.
On your own website.
All you have to do is drive traffic to your website.
And we can help with that, too.