News & Updates

(Only Really Important Ones)
6/15/2017 ● Generate Your Own Leads
We've been generating up to 1000 leads per day for the past 15 years. We generated more than 1.6 million customer requests for mortgage, foreclosure relief and credit repair. How would you like to be able to also generate leads yourself? If interested, read on here..
12/02/2016 ● Aged Leads Discounted Again
We are pleased to announce new leads price categories - 60 days for only $0.37 each and 90 days old for only $0.27 each. Save more on real time leads by setting a filter to buy upon arrival on Saturday and Sunday and get them at 50% off!
Use these leads to do follow-up calls to prospects that are far removed from their original inquiry. Here is an example of the approach you might take with these leads:
Hello (Name), this is __________. I am following-up on the inquiry that you made this summer about buying a house. Were you able to get into a new place?
10/2/2016 ● Inbound Calls from $4.50: Get more customers!
We are pleased to announce our new live call prices. You can take inbound calls from borrowers in all 50 states for as low as $4.50 per call during normal business hours, and $2.50 on weekends and after hours. Click on the calls menu to create a call filter.
4/12/2016 ● Improved and Simplified Live Transfer Call Setup
We have simplified the call set up process with a new call set up wizard. The wizard will make it easy to set up the 3 call types:

- Inbound Calls,
- Ad-triggered Calls and
- Telemarketing Calls.

The Inbound Call filter will send calls when someone dials our main consumer number for either mortgage or foreclosure help - you choose which type of call to get.

The "Ad-triggered Call" filter will create an ad that is displayed on our website before the prospect submits their personal information. This filter will generate calls from prospects that see the ad and also prospects who call back and meet your criteria.

The Telemarketing Calls are direct calls from our call center to consumers. We qualify the prospect for your particular service and transfer the call accordingly.

Click "Calls" tab and then, click Create call filter link.

Put your phone number, choose loan parameters. Set the days and times you want the calls to ring in and start taking calls today. Set States.

  • No minimum calls/day commitment required.
  • Call logs are available for you to track your calls including the time of day they came in, the length of the call, and the number they called from.
  • You have complete control of your filter at all times having the ability to instruct the system at what times during the day you want calls to come into your office.
  • You can also pause your filter for extended absences.
  • No Calls - No Charges! Fine print? Click here.
  • On weekend and business days from 8 PM EST to 9 AM EST time, the Base price for call filters w/o additional credit or loan amout constraints is discounted 50%. Keep your filter running after hours and on weekends, check "My Calls" in the morning and get new customers for half of the price!

The only requirement: you must maintain at least $50 in your account to keep live calls going. The system will assist you preventing the creation of no- or low-volume call filters.
Set up your live calls filter and start taking calls today!
4/10/2016 ● Certain Leads Price 1/2 Cut
Certain lead type prices are cut in half! Poor and Fair Credit, Loan type: Purchase.
6/15/2015 ● Summer Sale!
Summer Sale! To get you rolling in the Summer time, we've decided to give you a hand with our leads so we are announcing a "half price 2.5 days sale starting this Thursday July 15, 2015. ALL leads are an instant 50% off. This includes all mortgage, credit repair, and foreclosure leads!
4/27/2015 ● MobileGeddon & Weekend Leads Overstock
1. MobileGeddon Price Reduction. 2.Weekend Leads Overstock!
Last week we introduced new reduced prices on nearly 50% of our leads. The reason: with mobile google update we generate leads cheaper and we're happy to transfer our savings to our customers.
The first weekend since Google MobileGeddon brings another increase in leads volume. On weekends leads generation costs are generally lower. And, instead of cutting our bids, we decided to offer weekend leads as overstock at 50% of regular price to you.
3/25/2015 ● Spring Sale!
Spring Sale! Our first ever January 50% off Sale and second, February Sale, delivered a great boost to our customers ROI. We want all our lead prospects to receive a call. That's why we discounted the very lower-end leads with small loan amounts 3 TIMES! Leads with loan amount about $50,000 are discounted 100%. Leads in the middle of the spectrum are discounted about 50%. Higher loan amount leads - 25% discount. The Sale ends March 31 2015... Don't say we didn't warn you.
6/16/2014 ● Foreclosure Live Transfers Summer Sale
We are announcing a Summer Sale on our Foreclosure Live Transfer Leads. For the next 90 days we will be lowering the price of our Live Transfer leads (mortgage only) from $24 per lead to $18 per lead. We have been obtaining Live Transfer Leads for more than two years now.
6/17/2013 ● Weekend Live Transfers Discounted 50%
On Weekends and on business days from 8 PM to 9 AM EST time, the Base price for call filters without credit or loan amount constraints is discounted 50%. Keep your filter running after hours and on weekends!
Thus, mortgage call $9.95+$0.10/minute base price becomes $4.98+$0.10/minute, foreclosure call $26+$0.10/minute becomes $13+$0.10/minute. Get new customers for half of the price! This discount will go into effect today - Monday, June 17th, 2013.
Please note: Advanced filters with limited credit parameters or loan amounts are not discounted.