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Credit Repair & Foreclosure Leads

We obtain all our credit repair and foreclosure leads from the mortgage web sites that we have built and continue to operate on a daily basis. The potential customers are directed to our sites through on-line marketing and advertisements we run on major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google.
In no way do we entice people to fill out our on line forms by offering them incentives to do so. We understand that this only results in "junk" or "bogus" leads.

Real Time Urgent On-line Credit Repair and Foreclosure Assistance Requests

Clients who come to our sites looking for a mortgage may also request a credit repair service as well as foreclosure help other than refinance.

What is the benefit of purchasing our credit repair and foreclosure leads?

The customers looking to buy or refinance a home are not playing with the idea of getting their credit repaired, they are very serious about it. The same applies for those who are in foreclosure.

This would be where you come in, because these leads are anywhere from seconds to minutes old, and these customers are waiting for your phone call.

Start buying the leads that you like with as little as $50. Our first time buyer 100% money back guarantee works for you. You don't have to buy bulk leads, or invest thousands of dollars for mail campaigns, or have a minimum one-time order of 500 leads to try them out.


Credit Repair mortgage leads are priced at $10 per lead average. Credit repair mortgage leads can be found here and are marked with an symbol.

Foreclosure mortgage leads are marked with an symbol and priced at $19 per lead average. Click here to see foreclosure leads only.

Prospects who are not looking for alternative to refinance options will not be marked with even if in foreclosure. Only those who opt in to "loan modification, forbearance, died in lieu, short sale" along with the refinance, and require help to resolve their situation will be marked by symbol.

Every day you will see new leads in our on-line System. Just Log-in, see, trace and buy leads you like. More, with GlobalDataUSA you can buy the leads you like at the price you like. When the leads begin to age they are quickly discounted and continue to be discounted on a daily basis until they reach $0.27 per lead.

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